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Shoreline Trail

Shoreline Trail

Useful tips

  • The first part of the trail (850m or 1.7 km for the loop) is marked and mechanized.

  • It is possible to extend the hike by an additional loop of about 4 km, on a marked, non-mechanized trail.

  • There are a great many flies from June 24 to September 1. It is important to bring long protective clothing, fly repellent and a head net.

Distance: 5 km loop / about 30 minutes to 2 hours 

Access: Uapishka Station

From the Uapishka Station, explore this short trail that offers a peaceful and expansive panoramic view of the forest and the mountains, along with the Manicouagan Crater Lake and its islands. Surrounded by a carpet of caribou moss, the trail is accessible to the entire family and is without any doubt the ideal pathway for a first hike.

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Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring



Surroundings of the Station




Not applicable

Not applicable

About 30 minutes to 2 hours (5 km loop)

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