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The cat and mouse game

Much more than a patrol

The Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains are literally the powder paradise. And who says powder means happy snowmobilers!

But whoops... On the massif, at 800 meters of elevation gain, there are very strict yet legit rules. Any motorized sports enthusiast travelling in certain forbidden zones without being accompanied by an authorized guide is at risk of a hefty fine.

The objective of protecting the fragile and particular environment of the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains obviously strikes a chord with many, especially the Innu. Nitassinan - ancestral territory - is a refuge, a landmark, a witness to the ancestors’ knowledge.

Since 2019, the Innu Council of Pessamit hires Innu as "territorial officers" to oversee and manage the massif of the Nitassinan. Looking for the slightest clue to track down motorized offenders, the officers' movements often have a dissuasive effect and the number of statements of offence issued is fortunately low. But much more than an ordinary cat and mouse game, this role is powerful in terms of territory reappropriation , sense of belonging and skills recognition.

Let's bet that this expertise in scanning the horizon and orienting themselves on a white desert three times the size of the island of Montreal brings the Innu officers closer to their roots. Their mandate, which is both significant and symbolic, is today the manifestation of a passionate attachment to a territory, rich in history and biodiversity.

which must be protected.


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