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Climbing Mont Jauffret

Climbing Mont Jauffret

Useful tips


  • Once at the top, the trail comes to an end. Do not venture further without orientation equipment.

  • Some sections of the trails are uneven (presence of rocks and roots), muddy and very wet, especially during rainy periods. Be sure to have appropriate footwear.

  • There are a great many flies from June 24 to September 1. It is important to bring long protective clothing, fly repellent and a head net.

  • Using the trails before June 1 is not advisable. There is often snow left on the trails until the end of June.

  • Walking sticks are recommended.

Distance: 14 km (round trip) / about 8 hours

Altitude: 665 m

Access: Km 365 of Route 389

Experience the vastness of the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains with their breathtaking landscapes. Throughout the ascent, you will discover the unique flora and fauna typical of alpine Arctic tundra plateaus and the taiga. At the top, you can also see the former Gagnon mine.

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Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring



Uapishka Mountains




Included in the Fou des monts Groulx and Sommets et pagaie packages

Not applicable

About 8 hrs / 14 km (round trip)

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