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Located on Route 389, a little over an hour from Manic-5, the Uapishka Station is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Innu culture and discover the many features of a northern experience that is one of a kind in Canada! A true hub of backcountry activities and the mainstay of the facilities, the Uapishka Station will open its doors wide to you, whether you have reached your destination or are simply passing through. Welcome to the wonderful world of Uapishka!

Are you one of those people who thrive on authenticity and aspire to visit places where most people have not yet set foot? Does spending the night next to one of the largest meteorite impact craters visible on Earth spark your curiosity?

Vue étoilée, de nuit en dehors d'un hébergement Kuesseutsuap

Amenities and facilities

  • Full room and board (three meals per day included)

  • Licensed dining room ($)

  • Bedding and towels included

  • Wireless Internet (basic connection)

  • Common lounge

  • Shared bathrooms (toilets, showers)

  • Conference room (by reservation)

  • Access to the laundry room ($)


  • 8 rooms with a single bed

  • 4 rooms with a double bed

  • 2 rooms with a double bed and a single bed

  • 1 room with 2 single beds


  • Set of towels

  • Bedding

  • Wireless Internet

Responsible energy consumption

This energy is an invaluable commodity, so we trust that you will use it wisely.

Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in our FAQ.

Although completely self-sufficient from an energy standpoint, the Uapishka Station is powered by a generator. However, thanks to research, it is also equipped with experimental and innovative hybrid energy production and supply systems (wind energy, solar energy and forest biomass).

Keep in mind

  • There is no refrigerator in the rooms or possibility to cook anywhere in the inn.

  • Pets are not allowed.​​

  • Personal care products (bring along)

  • Check-in: from 3 p.m. (there is a charge for late arrivals after 9 p.m.)

  • Check-out: 10 a.m.​

The Uapishka story begins with an inn, the place where the Uapishka Station activities and operations converge. The site is a peaceful place for convening and discoveries. The unique architecture of the building highlights the full splendour of the landscape; but it is through the local inhabitants’ friendliness that you will fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Uapishka. Located at the heart of Nitassinan, the ancestral territory of the Innu, the inn has become a focal point where everyone, and particularly the Innu people, feel right at home!


January 20 to April 17 and June 16 to October 16


From $240/night
(meals included)


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Add a Title

Staying at the inn

Cabin stay

Amenities and facilities

  • 4 single beds

  • Fully equipped kitchenette

  • Martin brand propane stove and oven kit

  • 3-cubic-foot mini refrigerator

  • One 10-litre drinking water container

  • Electricity

  • Wood-burning stove and firewood

  • Sanitary block and other services available at the host building located 200 m away

Keep in mind

  • Bedding (bring along)

  • Towels (bring along)

  • Personal care products (bring along)

  • Laundry ($10)

  • Check-in: 3 p.m.

  • Check-out: 10 a.m.

A wooden prospector camp, the Kuesseutsuap (also called the fisherman's house) is an ideal shelter before you set out on your hike or fishing trip. It is perfect for budget-conscious travel groups or those for whom adventure outweighs the comforts of home. As a bonus, pets are welcome.

Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in our FAQ.



June 1 to October 17


From $150 per night (minimum of 2 nights)


4 people