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Territoire enneigé durant les saisons froides

Weather conditions

The weather in this area is changing in the extreme, and conditions can deteriorate or change at the drop of a hat. Although we do our utmost to make sure that your stay lives up to your expectations, unfortunately, we have no power over the weather. That is why it is important to be flexible and have an alternative plan, in case the weather gets in the way of your activity. Your safety comes first!

Mountain forecast

Weather conditions are very changing, and temperatures can vary from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius between the Station and the mountains. It is important to bring warm clothes, even during summer. For example, on August 26, 2020, the temperature dropped to -8ºC on snowy plateaus.

We recommend that you click on the following link for weather forecasts:

Pour consulter les données météorologiques en temps réel : 

Station météo

During winter, temperatures are usually around -30°C. As the mountain weather can change quickly, we recommend that you check the forecast before heading out. It can get extremely cold, down to -55°C, especially in January.

Snow forecast

Station météo


Fire Weather Index

Be responsible and always on your guard!

Northern lights

Northern lights can be admired all year round. The months with longer periods of darkness are, however, more conducive to sightings. You can consult Aurora Alerts for northern light forecasts provided four days in advance.

Condition of the Manicouagan Crater Lake

A tool is available to check the real-time condition of the Manicouagan Crater Lake by way of satellite images. Please click on the following link:

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