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Data ownership, control, access and possession

Research projects conducted at the Uapishka Station or in the surrounding territory must essentially include provisions that are in keeping with the principles of ownership, control, access and possession of data set out by the AFNQL and the INQ.

Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the following guidance documents:

  • Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador - AFNQL (2014). First Nations in Quebec and Labrador’s Research Protocol. Wendake, 98 pages.

  • Institut nordique du Québec (2017). Research Guidelines. First Peoples Working Group of the Institut nordique du Québec, Québec City, 17 pages.

Une vieille photo d'un autochtone dans une chaloupe qui pagaie avec une pipe aux lèvres

Recognition and inclusion of Innu Knowledge and Values

Innu values and knowledge are undeniable insights to be integrated into scientific activities, both in terms of collection methods and data analysis.

The Uapishka Station promotes respect for Innu values and research soft skills with local communities. This includes:

  • Respect, recognition and appreciation of differences

  • Equity in the sharing of knowledge, authority, benefits and research project outcomes between the Pessamiulnuat people and researchers

  • Fair and complementary reciprocity in research processes involving Western and Innu knowledge

  • Transparency, to disseminate information and research results proactively, truthfully, clearly and completely

Une vieille photo avec deux femmes autochtones fabricantes des mocassins

Involvement and capacity-building

The Uapishka Station is an educational vehicle for the dissemination and enhancement of research results and Innu knowledge. The research projects that are conducted on site must provide opportunities for Innu youth to become involved and, more generally, extend to every member of the Pessamit and Manicouagan communities.

The Uapishka Station can help recruit and develop the skills of Innu research assistants and researchers, with a view to building research capacities and passing on the knowledge generated at the Uapishka Station.

In fact, the Uapishka Station prioritizes research projects that allow the following:

  • Fostering the accessibility and dissemination of results to the Pessamiulnuat people and the general public

  • Engaging Pessamiulnuat and Manicouagan youth and schools

  • Promoting the recruitment and training of Innu research assistants and researchers through job creation

  • Ensuring the sharing of knowledge between researchers, the Pessamiulnuat people and the Manicouagan communities

As part of its mission, the Uapishka Station also plans to set up a program to develop research and citizen science skills. The main purpose of this program is to encourage young people from Pessamit to act as field assistants, with a view of promoting the profession of researcher and transferring knowledge, skills and abilities.

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