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Vue de haut de Station Uapishka


Enough distinctive to be clearly visible from space, the Uapishka Station sector immerses you into the vastness of the North. Discovering this exceptional territory requires good preparation. Do not hesitate to consult the maps below to plan your stay.

Click here to download the general map of Uapishka station and its surroundings.

Detailed map of the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains | Expert level

The data is specially prepared for navigation: official trails, infrastructure, precalculated declination, UTM grids, MGRS coordinates, metric contours.

To get this professional waterproof topographic map, contact GC Geomatics at, via Facebook or at 819-674-9203.

Carte du Nitassinan

Carte territoire de recherche

Uapishka Biodiversity Reserve | Authorized Area for Guided Snowmobile

MAP 2023

Interactive map

Use the tool below to navigate the territory, using the two tabs at the top (Biodiversity Reserve, Uapishka Station, Campsites) and the buttons to specify the desired level of enlargement. 

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MAP of the Road 389

MAP of the Road 389
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