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Immerse yourself in an awe‑inspiring escape!

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Welcome to the Uapishka Station

Located down the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains and on the edge of the Manicouagan Crater Lake, the Uapishka Station makes the most of the exceptional natural surroundings to offer accommodations, food services and outdoor activities, along with logistical support for scientists to conduct on site researches.

Thanks to its location north of the 51st parallel, the Uapishka Station is the perfect place to live a true northern experience while learning about the richness of the Indigenous heritage.

Concerned about preserving Innu culture and values, the Station staff sincerely shares them with visitors so that each and every client leaves site with a better understanding of this thousand-year-old heritage.

Our Accommodations

L'intérieur de l'auberge de Station Uapishka

In a minimalist yet warm decor, the rooms of the Inn offer an unequalled comfort in our backcountry.

Chalet de style Noorvik

Different types of cabins are available, allowing you to fully enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

Petit shaputuan (prêt-à-camper)

Unserviced campsites are available for tents and RVs around Manicouagan Crater Lake.

in the area

Kayak Excursion

Kayak Excursion

Beneath your feet is one of the largest meteorite impact craters visible on Earth.

Climbing Mont Jauffret

Climbing Mont Jauffret

Mont Jauffret allows you to experience the vastness of the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains with their breathtaking landscapes



Let yourself be enchanted by the immensity of the starry sky, where no light interferes with the twinkling of the stars.


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Vue de haut de Station Uapishka (mont Groulx)

Start your adventure

Have you booked a stay at the Station Uapishka? Congratulations! But be cautious. The splendour and immensity of the territory do require thorough preparation for you to make the most of your stay and leave with a treasure trove of memories!


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Interested in our work environment?

We continuously review potential candidates for various positions. 

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