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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Useful tips

  • You must be entirely independent and have all your own gear.

  • Here is a very interesting tool to visualize the conditions of the Manicouagan Crater Lake in real time using satellite.

  • It is not possible to store your catches.*

* Please note that the Uapishka Station is not an outfitter and does not offer any fishing-related services. However, you can fish with your own gear while enjoying a stay at our facilities.

Ice fishing is possible even in mid-winter. This Mother Nature’s domain! Endless whiteness as far as the eye can see, the screeching sound of shifting ice and, in the distance, the colossal Uapishka (Groulx) mountain range… Escape to the heart of Nitassinan, and it will feel like time is standing still. You can reel in northern pike, grey trout (touladi), landlocked salmon, brook trout, and whitefish. Hopefully you will not catch the mythical black fish, the source of many Innu legends and stories…

​Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in our FAQ.

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Manicouagan Crater Lake




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