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Kayak Excursion

Kayak Excursion

Useful tips


  • Recommanded period : From July to September

  • Kayakers are responsible for bringing the required equipment

  • Beginner level, with the distance travelled depending on your physical condition

Keep in mind

  • Accessories: cap, sunglasses, water bottle and sunscreen

  • For cooler days: a warm fleece-type sweater, synthetic or wool socks and a hat or tuque

  • The activity is contingent on favourable weather conditions, which are changing at the Manicouagan Crater Lake.

In a kayak, take in the immensity of the territory where each paddle stroke affords a new perspective. Beneath your feet is one of the largest meteorite impact craters visible on Earth. The crater became a huge reservoir following the construction of the Daniel-Johnson dam and is now referred to as the Eye of Quebec. And if you look in the distance, you will see the colossal Uapishka (Groulx) mountain range, one of the largest and highest in Quebec.

As part of a group, as a couple, on your own or with family, treat yourself to a kayak excursion and let yourself be swept away by the vastness of the Manicouagan backcountry.

​Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in our FAQ.

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Manicouagan Crater Lake




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