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Mountain Tops and Paddle

Mountain Tops and Paddle

Useful tips

  • 2 nights minimum, at the inn or in a cabin – Units available: Tuuk (converted shipping container), Noorvik (mini-house)

  • 1 to 3 people per unit, depending on the type of accommodation selected

  • Inn: full room and board (3 meals) (children’s meals: 3- to 12-year olds, 50% discount; 0- to 2-year olds, free

  • Cabin: no meals included, but available as an option ($)

Activities included on the Station site (subject to change depending on weather conditions):

  • Walk along an easy-level 5-km trail

  • Stroll along the shore of Manicouagan Crater Lake

  • Board games and outdoor games available for borrowing

  • Star gazing (free activity)

  • Group campfire

  • Package promotion with 3 or more nights: the activities included are FREE!

Access to self-guided hiking activities:

  • Marked trails on Harfang, Jauffret and Provencher mountains

  • Exclusive trail layouts with network-free access downloadable to your smartphone

  • VHF radio and safety gear available for borrowing

Access to self-guided water sports:

  • Marked trails on the Harfang, Jauffret and Provencher Mountains

  • Guided Kayak excursion on the Manicouagan Crater Lake or self-guided stand-up paddle (SUP) within a specific bay

  • VHF radio and safety gear available for borrowing (for SUP activities)

This is definitely the package that will put up quite a show for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy! Choose among the three marked hiking trails available depending on your level of skills and make the most of the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains! The Eye of Quebec is not to be outshone: you can kayak or stand-up paddle (SUP) on its waters to get a full sense of its immensity! Whether in the mountains or on the open waters, there is no need to worry about getting lost; download to your smartphone the exclusive trail layouts with network-free access or borrow a VHF radio and the gear that you need to ensure your safety. And if you have time left, enjoy the activities available on site (five-km walking trail, outdoor games and board games to borrow or an evening campfire, weather permitting).

Recommended stay with this package: 3 to 4 nights


- Inn

From $375/pers., double occ. (2 nights)

From $535/pers., single occ. (2 nights)

- Cabin

From $500/unit (2 nights)


Arrival dates between:
- June 24 to July 2
- July 19th to July 30th
- August 16th to 27th

​Find all the answers to your most frequent questions in our FAQ.

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Summer, Fall

Station surroundings, Uapishka Mountains, Manicouagan Crater Lake

2 nights or more

Inn, Cabin




Rates may vary

1 to 3 people per unit, depending on the type of accommodation selected

2 nights or more

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