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Useful tips

  • The prevailing winds are from the northwest.

  • You can usually snowshoe on the Manicouagan Crater Lake by about mid-January. But it is important to check the thickness of the ice.

  • Here is a very interesting tool to visualize conditions of the Manicouagan Crater Lake in real time using satellite.

  • You can rent VHF radios at the Uapishka Station.

This is Mother Nature’s domain… and so is the wind’s! The Manicouagan Crater Lake is the perfect place for snowkiting enthusiasts. The vast icy expanse offers nearly 400 km2 where you can let the wind carry you away. Treat yourself to a huge playground where you will feel an intense sense of freedom! And if you look in the distance, you will take in the impressive Uapishka (Groulx) mountain range, one of the largest and highest in Quebec. During winter, the Manicouagan Crater Lake becomes an even more impressive natural site with the cracking sounds of its shifting ice echoing across the landscape.

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Manicouagan Crater Lake




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