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The Groulx Mountains Crossing

The Groulx Mountains Crossing

Useful tips

Be prepared!

  • You must be in excellent physical shape.

  • You must have good knowledge of navigation using maps, a compass and a GPS.

  • You must have first aid and wilderness experience as well as suitable equipment and clothing.

  • You must have experience hiking on your own.

  • You must plan for river crossings.

  • The trails are uneven and muddy; be sure to have appropriate footwear.

  • For better accident response, it is important to travel as a group.

  • You must bring food for one or two extra days.

It is vital to have the knowledge and skills to cross the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains. This adventure is only meant for experienced hikers who are completely on their own. It is quite risky for hikers lacking the experience to undertake such a journey. It is not a hike to undertake for a first multi-day hiking experience. Rugged terrain and unpredictable, changing weather make the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains a hostile environment. Many rescue operations take place each and every year. Therefore, being adequately prepared and bringing along the right gear and materials is imperative.

The Station strongly encourages all visitors to the mountains, regardless of their level of physical fitness or experience, to check in at the Station before their departure, share their route plan and rent a portable communication device.

Requisite safety equipment for telecommunications and orientation:

  • Directional radio equipment: VHF Radio, satellite phone, or SPOT Satellite Messenger

  • Map, compass and GPS

  • Bear repellent spray

Distance : About 44 km (3 to 4 days)

North access: Km 365 of Route 389

South access: Km 335 of Route 389

Crossing the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains is an adventure only for experienced hikers, who are left entirely to their own devices. This rugged backcountry hiking experience provides access to an impressive northern landscape and an exceptional immersion in nature, but it also has its share of risks and precautions to consider. Once you reach the summit areas, there are no more trails or markers.

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Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring



Uapishka Mountains




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3 to 4 day / about 44 km

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